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The team at petNmind Naturals & Self-Wash in Coconut Creek is here for you and your pets. Learn more about our pet services below.

Healthy Pet Supply Store

We provide a fresh selection of premium natural pet food as well as supplies to meet the needs of local pet parents & their family pets in the community.

Self-Service Dog Wash

Giving your dog a bath in your house means clogged drains, muddy tubs, and a sore back. At petNmind Naturals & Self-Wash, we do away with the mess and stress with our self-service dog wash in Coconut Creek, FL. Our raised bathtubs accommodate pets as little as a Papillon, and as big as a Saint Bernard. Call (954) 420-1122 with any questions about do-it-yourself dog wash add-ons such as shampoos, conditioners, Deshedding treatment. Our helpful, well-informed crew are happy to address any questions you may have.

Pet Nutrition Consultant

Our pets' diet is incredibly important to their overall health and wellness. At petNmind Naturals & Self-Wash, our pet nutrition counseling in Coconut Creek aims to empower pet lovers to provide their pets with a high-quality diet through each phase of life. Proper nourishment can help with many medical problems including; food intolerances, pet food allergies, excessive weight gain or weight management, nutritional deficiencies, pet diabetes, skin and coat conditions, renal disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and poor immune response. Nutritional requirements for pups and cats vary because of many factors like life stage, size, breed, exercise levels, overall health, and more, therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition will not be effective. Our staff can counsel you on which types of foods will be ideal based on your pet's demands, quantity to feed, and what to seek out on pet food labels. Contact us to set up a nutrition assessment for your pet.

Pet Food Delivery Service

At petNmind Naturals & Self-Wash, we are happy to provide fast, reputable delivery services near Coconut Creek. Simply contact us at (954) 420-1122 to place your order. For an added benefit, ask us about putting together a reoccurring delivery.

Dog Bakery

 We provide yummy all natural oven-baked dog treats and jerky. Nothing but the best for your best friend!


Pet Adoptions

Congratulations on your choice to adopt a pet! Not only will you be supplying a dog or cat a loving place to call home, but you'll also be clearing kennels at a pet shelter for an additional dog to be rescued, too!

Dog Training Classes

petNmind Naturals & Self-Wash offers professional dog obedience training business in Coconut Creek. We provide services for aggressiveness, obedience training, behavior modification, potty training, and puppy consulting. Our dog trainers are certified professionals that concentrate on correcting behavioral issues without the utilization of fright, injury, or intimidation so pets can enjoy the learning experience and retain their education. Schedule an appointment request on our site or contact us at (954) 420-1122 with any questions.

Dental Clinic

Our technicians are experienced and our prices are typically considerably less than most veterinarians. With regular care, we help most breeds avoid visits to the vet for expensive and uncomfortable procedures & extractions.


If you're searching for a dog groomer near Coconut Creek, FL, then look no further than petNmind Naturals & Self-Wash. Our experienced pet groomers provide individualized service with a gentle touch to have your pet looking their best. We groom all breeds of dogs. Regardless if your dog is needing a simple bath and brush visit, or it's time for a little bit of added pampering, our devoted team is here to assist with every one of your wishes for pet grooming. We offer a sanitary, safe, and friendly place to freshen up your dog. During the time of scheduling, kindly mention your dog's age, temperament, and weight category in order to better help us pair you with the correct dog groomer and services. Book your appointment today.

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