Our Story

Our founder, Adrian Archie, was introduced to natural nutrition for dogs and cats in 2007. He became a pet parent for the first time post-college, to an Abyssinian male cat named Rocko. Rocko had several bad allergic reactions to food purchased from the local grocery store and that led Adrian to search for a healthier alternative. Due to pet food recalls, a new natural and holistic segment in the pet food market was emerging.

Adrian quickly decided to switch Rocko’s diet and take advantage of the more nutritious and natural options. Rocko immediately accepted the natural food but what intrigued Adrian the most was how much healthier and energetic Rocko became simply from eating better quality food! Ten years later Rocko remains healthy and is as rambunctious as ever due to his healthy diet and lots of love from his family. The Archie family also has four other pets, one other cat, two dogs and a guinea pig that all enjoy a natural diet supplemented with vitamins, minerals and all-natural treats.

"We truly believe that healthy pets mean healthy people, so our mission is two-fold. We help pets live healthier and longer and through that healthy pet, we fortify people and families. Simply put we deeply love pets, pet parents and our community, so we strive to be a positive force in the lives of each of them."

Adrian’s satisfaction with the natural pet products increased over the years, and so did his knowledge about how they worked within the animal’s anatomy. He became an advocate for natural products as well as a source of information for family, friends and others. After a career in Healthcare Sales and Marketing that spanned a decade, he decided to follow his passions and open his own store where he is dedicated to providing holistic nutrition, all-natural treats and pet supplies.

PetNmind Natural Nutrition and Self-Service Dog Wash was founded 2014 to serve pets and their families across South Florida. We offer natural food, treats, supplements, supplies and accessories that meet the highest quality and processing standards. We also offer an automatic self-serve dog wash machines in-store that are low cost and convenient for pet parents. The self-service dog wash is great for parents who wash their dog often, hate the hassle of home bathing and do not like the expensive full-service grooming options.

We take great pleasure in providing personalized customer service along with in-depth product knowledge that you will not experience at larger pet stores or mass market ​retailers. For us it is all about combining pet health and pet parent knowledge with love so that the world can benefit from the prosperity gained from the relationship. “Healthy Pets, Healthy You!”