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Our Products

We stock natural food & treats, vitamins & supplements, toys and accessories, hygiene products & supplies​. You can shop online for some of our products. Please visit our store for a complete selection and monthly specials.

Dog & Cat Nutrition

We stock a wide variety of premium quality brands including dry and wet grain-free, raw, freeze-dried and dehydrated formulations. We also carry diets specially formulated for puppies, small & large breeds, senior, weight-management and limited ingredient diets for pets with food allergies. All of our options are natural, high in amino acids, vitamins and minerals but have no chemical preservatives. We are confident every product that we offer will improve and sustain your pets health and improve their longevity!

All-Natural Treats

Humans have a sweet-tooth and our pets are no different. They love their treats too! Treats are great for supplemental nutrition, training, as edible chews, or even as supplemental nutrition like food toppers. Treats are great because they can nourish and stimulate while also varying the pets diet.

All of our treats are natural, non-rawhide, digestible and safe!


Joint health, skin and coat, digestive health, behavior and immunity all benefit from a natural diet supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Even high quality food options may lack the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals because the cooking and packing process reduce the available amounts. It is necessary to supplement your pet’s natural diet with additional vitamins and minerals. We only offer the top brands from documented safe sources, that are scientifically evaluated and proven to be safe and effective for your pet.

Toys & Accessories

We offer a variety of toys, leashes, harnesses, leads, bowls, beds, travel accessories, bedding and containment, as well as other unique items that will assist you in keeping your pet active and happy!


Your pet’s hygiene is just as important as nutrition. From all-natural products to maintain your pet’s dental health, shampoos to keep your pet clean, or products to rid your pet and home of pest like fleas and ticks we can fill your needs.


Our supplies are all natural and safe for your pet.